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Captive Audience Advertising Services

Spread the word about your business with captive audience and hi-tech advertising services from our business in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Hi-Def Advertising offers you the chance to place business ads on high definition televisions in local restaurants and social settings. By choosing our TV advertising services, you can attract more customers to your business. Contact us today at (717) 250-0130 to learn more about our captive audience advertising services.

Revolutionary Advertising
Giardino Enterprises is proud to feature Hi-Def Advertising, a streamlined, exciting, revolutionary, and technically sound way of getting your name out in the public. Whether you are a mom and pop candle making company that makes candles from your kitchen or a multi-million dollar company looking for an innovative way to market your product, we can provide you with great advertising services.

Get the Word Out
Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant or social setting and seeing your advertisement featured on 2 breathtaking high definition televisions. Our business is proud to offer this service to you. Our advertisements will reach hundreds of people that are waiting for a seat in a restaurant. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer services and quality advertisements.

Television, Captive Audience Advertising

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Call us today in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, at (717) 250-0130 to ask about our captive audience advertising options.